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List of Subaru Engines - Specs, Common Problems, Reliability


EJ20 2.0L Engine

Forester, Legacy, Impreza


EJ205/EJ207/EJ20G Engine

Impreza WRX, STI


EJ25 2.5L Engine

Forester, Legacy


EZ30 3.0L Engine

Legacy, Tribeca


EZ36 3.6L Engine

Outback, Tribeca


FB20 2.0L Engine

Impreza, XV


FB25 2.5L Engine

Legacy, Forester

Subaru EV Powertrain Specifications

No e-powertrains yet.


Subaru - this is a car brand of big industrial concern Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Cars are not the only sphere of activity FHI; apart from them, the FHI is engaged in aircraft, rail, ship manufacturing, etc.

The history of the concern, thanks to which Subaru brand was born, started in 1917. The real automotive debut of Subaru took place only in 1958. The first FHI company car was the compact 3-meter length model - Subaru 360. Subaru has become the leading manufacturer of vehicles in this class in Japan.

The company decided to enter the market of larger cars and released the Subaru 1000 in 1965. It was Japan's first production car with front-wheel drive and 4-cylinder flat engine (opposed-piston engine). Ever since then 4-cylinder opposite (boxer) engines have become an integral part of the brand, which provided excellent characteristics in daily driving as well as in motorsport. The distinctive features of Subaru include such brand developments, applied throughout the world, as the four-wheel drive, opposite engines, and monocoque body construction.