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List of BMW Engines - Specs, Common Problems, Reliability


M40B16 Engine

316i E30 E36


M40B18 Engine

318i E30/E36, 518i E34


M52B20 Engine

E36 320i, E46 320i, Z3


M52B28 Engine

E36 328i, Z3


S52B32 Engine

E36 M3, Z3M

BMW EV Powertrain Specifications

No e-powertrains yet.


BMW was founded in 1916 in Munich as a plant of aircraft engines. In 1923, the manufacturer produced its first motorcycle. Five years later, BMW acquired a car plant in Eisenach, and along with it - the license for the production of the small car called as Dixi. This car was designed in Munich, as the same as all following BMW products. Currently, the company BMW, which started from a small aircraft engine plant, manufactures its products in five plants in Germany and twenty-two subsidiaries scattered around the world.

When it comes to BMW cars, many people immediately feel positive association in this regard, and BMW engines are not an exception. But the views of many on engines of this brand, what they have a high degree of reliability, are caused by public opinion often rather than the truth. That is why we should consider each engine model separately.