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The Cummins Inc. is the world leader in developing and manufacturing of diesel engines, an expert on their application and adaptation for many different types of equipment. More than a million Cummins engines rotate wheels of trucks, special vehicles, buses, and marines in anywhere around the world. Each of these engines is the result of the unique experience of developers, their ability to create efficient engines for all variants of exploitation.

The headquarters of Cummins Inc. is located in Columbus, Indiana, in the United States. Companies owned by Cummins Inc. are located in 56 countries. Cummins production is organized in China, US, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Russia and other countries.

The production activity of the company is concentrated in key areas: diesel engines for trucks and buses, ships, rail transport, agricultural, road building and industrial equipment; diesel-generator sets; spare parts for engines (filters, turbochargers, exhaust systems, etc.). Cummins is 28 thousand employees around the world and more than 5,000 service and dealership centers in 160 countries.