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Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese car manufacturer that produces cars under the Mazda brand. The company was founded in 1920 and at first, was engaged in the manufacture of cork and only from the 30s of the 20th century began to produce three-wheeled vehicles. The first car was released in 1960. It was a subcompact rear-engine car in the coupe body style.

The company Mazda has gained worldwide fame with an unconventional approach to engineering, a unique philosophy of engine construction. In the early years of its automotive history, the company installed small-sized, compact engines on their cars, which in their characteristics resembled engines for motorcycles. Sports versions of the engines revved up smoothly to 10-12 thousand rpm. In the late 50's, the company bought out the technology of a rotary engine invented by Felix Wankel. This type of internal combustion engine was used in sports models Mazda. Due to the compact size, high performance with a small volume, Mazda sports cars repeatedly proved their superiority on the race track (the rotary motor was installed on 787 series racing cars, in 1991 the team won the race "24 Hours of Le Mans").

Currently, the company is working to optimize fuel efficiency by increasing the compression ratio in the engine, and this technology is called SKYACTIV. Due to the new solutions, Mazda engines reduce fuel consumption, but the pleasure of driving is only increasing.