Hyundai KIA Engines Reviews and Specifications

Hyundai Motor Company - the largest car manufacturer in South Korea, and the fourth car manufacturer in the world.

The company was founded in 1967. It started with production of several cars and a truck, which were models of Ford Company. Since 1974, the company began to produce their own cars. Hyundai has absorbed Korean car manufacturer Kia Motors in 1998. This way the company became to be the big conglomerate Hyundai Kia Automotive Group.

Hyundai-Kia engines break quiet rare, are not demanding on the quality of fuel, have a simple and reliable design. At the same time, they consume not much fuel and are environmentally friendly. Engines are produced both in Korea and in other countries, such as China. There is unified system of quality control and uniform standards of production at all plants. Engines are usually design for both car brands - Hyundai and KIA.



G4FA Engine 1.4L

Hyundai KIA Rio, Ceed, i20


G4FC Engine 1.6L

Hyundai KIA Accent, Ceed


G4GC Engine 2.0L

Hyundai KIA Elantra, Coupe, i30


G4KD Engine 2.0L

Hyundai KIA Elantra, Sonata


G4KE Engine 2.4L

Hyundai KIA Santa Fe, Sonata


G6BA Engine 2.7L

Hyundai KIA Santa Fe, Tiburon


G6CU/G6AU Engine 3.5L

Hyundai KIA Sedona, Sorento