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QG16DE Engine 1.6L Review

QG16DE Engine 1.6L

The QG16DE engine was developed by Nissan Aichi Machine Industry. 1.8 liter engine QG18DE is created on its base as the same as QG15DE. QG16DE came to replaced GA16DE motor.

The engine has cast iron block, aluminum twin cam 16 valve cylinder head and good power (110-120 hp). There are timing chain, variable valve timing system on the intake camshaft (CVTC), system EGR (for exhaust gas recirculation, thereby reducing exhaust emissions) and electronic throttle. Hydraulic tappets are not installed.

In general, the engine is quite good for budget cars. If you need more power, look at two liter engine QR20DE.

Engine Specs

Atsuta Plant
Cylinder Block Material
Cast Iron
Fuel system
Electronic fuel injection
Number of cylinders
Valves per cylinder
Stroke, mm
Bore, mm
Compression Ratio
Displacement, cc
Power, hp
Torque, lb ft
Engine weight
Engine oil viscosity
5W-20, 10W-30, 15W-40
Engine oil capacity, liter
Oil change interval, mile
Oil consumption per 1000 miles as normal
Nissan Primera, Nissan Almera Classic, Renault Scala, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Sunny

Nissan QG16DE Engine Problems and Reliability

The engine doesn't have any serious problems. But sometimes you can meet following issues:
1. Stretched timing chain of QG16DE is common for these engines. Symptoms: the motor turn on difficult; floating idle rpm; increased noise; bad acceleration. The chain is dead up to mileage about 100,000 miles.
2. The engine is turned on just after a few tries. You need to clean a throttle valve and /or replace the fuel pump grid. In extreme cases, you have to buy the new fuel pump.
3. Some noise, like whistling. This is the alternator belt. It needs to be replaced with rollers.
4. Engine shakes at low rpm. Pay your attention to engine controller - some problems are in software.
5. Cars with this engine have unreliable catalysts, and as you know, a catalyst is quit expensive part. Throttle valve loves to become dirty. Simple clinging will help.

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