Audi Engines Reviews and Specifications

Audi AG is the German luxury segment car manufacturer, located in Ingolstadt. Audi is part of the concern Volkswagen Group, together with such well-known companies like Porsche, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti. A lot of cars of these brands have common platforms, many parts are the same, and some models have even similar contours of the body.

Audi engines are not exception. They are used by other brands of the Volkswagen Group. However, engines are modern, powerful and technologically advanced. Audi have produced and produced in present day wide range of engines: from 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel motors to sporty V10 and W12 for race and sport cars such as Audi R8 and luxury car Audi A8. The company achieved success in design and production of diesel high powerful engines for their cars. Also Audi takes leader place in production of turbocharged gasoline engine with their technology TFSI/TSI.



4.2 TDI Engine

Audi A8, Q7, Touareg


EA113 2.0 TFSI Engine

Audi A4, Jetta, Tiguan